Manual Spine Chiropractic Adjusting Tool, 10 Gears Strength Joint Pain Relief Spine Adjustment Correction Massager for Adjust Vertebration and Thoracic Scoliosis (Black)


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  • Simple Operation: 15 minutes a day, can reduce the pressure on the neck. The handle of this massager is easy to pull up and can be operated by girls.
  • Stainless Steel Material: Manual chiropractic tool is made of stainless steel, which has low temperature strength and good mechanical properties.
  • Replaceable Function Head: Equipped with 4 function head, easy to replace and use. Adjustable in 10 gears strength, you can regulate it according to needs.
  • Manual Massager Kit: It is a manual massager which designed based on the massage method of human hands but more effective.It is used for correcting body deformation, such as buttock, internal and external splay feet, etc.
  • Cervical Spine Massage: Applicable for thoracic and spine pain, scoliosis, suitable for cervical spine adjustment and massage, thoracic spine massage, joint relief, body massage and health care.

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How to Use:
1. When in use, it is forbidden to hit theair, and there must be point of force on the rubber head.
2. According to the needs of use, adjust the bottom and select the function head.
3. Speed regulation: screw down the previous section, the strength becomes larger, and screw up, the strength becomes smaller.
4. Place the handle of the chiropractic adjustment tool on the palm of your hand. Place the rubber tip on the body part to be hit and apply downward force. Pull the black part of the chiropractic adjustment tool to the palm of your hand, and then pull it back and forth.
5. When using high frequency frequently, please add lubricating oil appropriately.

Item Type: Chiropractic Adjustment Tool
Material: Stainless Steel
Strength Adjustment: 30N, 60N, 90N, 120N, 150N, 180N, 210N, 240N, 270N, 300N

Package List:
1 x Manual Chiropractic Tool
1 x English Manual
2 x Cover
4 xRing
4 x Function Head
1 x Storage Box

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